Olivia Wade Forever

Olivia Wade Memorial Scholarship

In March of 20‚Äč12, Olivia Wade died unexpectedly in a boating accident while vacationing in Florida with her family.  She was a third grader in the Allegheny Valley School District. Olivia was an enthusiastic teammate on her local sports teams, an engaged student and passionate about the arts, especially music and drawing.  We will never forget the outpouring of support from our friends, family, and community. Because of our loss, our heightened appreciation for our community and to honor Olivia, we have established the Olivia Wade Memorial Scholarship to help a senior student athlete at the Springdale High School who excel in the arts and/or desire to further their education in the arts. Creativity sparks exploration, invention and innovation. What we grew to appreciate, as parents of Olivia, is that the world needs more artists. We are missing one since we lost Olivia.  

The 2017 recipient of the Olivia Wade Memorial Scholarship  is Hannah Barch.  She was chosen by our selection committee for her outstanding academics and theatrical accomplishments.  She played the role of Peter Pan in the Springdale High school musical in March.  Hannah is now a student at Indian University of Pennsylvania. Congratulations Hannah and Good Luck!